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Who is Layla?

Who is Layla?

Layla is the heroine of River Steel, a twenty-two-year-old introvert who needs solitude more than air. Living like a hermit comes naturally to her since this is the only way she feels safe. It’s also the only way she knows how to protect herself.

She’s a very sensitive woman who needed maternal love more than anything as she was growing up and the presence of a father or a male figure in her life. Lacking both, she fails to learn how to trust and handle her emotions. She gets easily hurt and feels pain deeper and stronger than most people. She grows up bearing scars while breeding a deep longing for a close relationship, especially with a man.

After her caretaker dies she adjust the best that she can, and from outside she’s an independent woman, financially stable, yet she lives the life of her hermit.
She only close person is her childhood friend Nora.
Nora lost her family as well, but unlike Layla, she’s well rounded and has better coping mechanisms.

Is Layla a weak heroine?

Layla is a heroine set to grow and change as she lives a heartbreaking love story with the one man she, herself, coins as so far from her league.

Why is she so emotional?

As an oversensitive child, she’s never had the stable, trusting environment that she needed. She never learned how to calibrate her emotions. As such she suppressed most of them, and often felt herself stranded and not be able to share her most intimate feelings.

Why does she leave like a hermit?

Unable to cope and easily to break, she realizes that staying away from everything is the only way to cope. She designs a lifestyle that allows her to earn a living without much interaction. She builds her own cocoon in which she can feel safe.

Why does she pursue River who barely talks to her, and seems to be as arrogant as they come?

Pursuing River is the biggest challenge and test of her life. She has to choose between fear and love. She has to conquer the first, so she can get the reward of the second. River sets her up, knowing full well that it is the only way he can have her without reservations and second thoughts.

Why is she withholding the truth from her best friend, Nora?

Once she delves into an ocean of emotions ignited by the frontman of Steel, she has a hard time to make sense of what she feels and also to share her intimate emotions with Nora. Besides, her story comes at a time when her best friend has her own secret life. Layla picks up on the shifting moods of Nora, and suddenly she feels she can’t trust her.

Is Nora a vile friend?

Although she may come across as a bad friend, she is not. Nora faces her own challenges as she engages in a secret relationship with a power man. She is set to grow and change as well as she lives her own twisted love story, one she’s not very proud of, but also she cannot resist. She genuinely wants Layla to meet someone, and once River shows interest in her best friend she warms up to the idea only to shoot it down later on. Although she does seem to be inconsistent, her advice and feelings regarding Layla’s affair are nothing but a reflection of her own challenges. She encourages Layla in the beginning simply because she feels good about her own relationship and feels bad about Layla being lonely. One her own affair hits a rough patch she realizes that Layla’s proximity to River could be fatal. Therefore she advises her against it.

Why doesn’t Layla question the suspicious phone calls on River’s phone?

As someone who has little control over her emotions, Layla also had a hard time to express herself. Most of the time she swings back and forth between a place of budding trust and a dark cave of mistrust. She is not a grown up when she meets River, and he easily realizes that she only looks like a woman but inside she is not. He knows he has to be patient with her and pull her out of her shell. The only way to do that is to win her heart, but it’s up to her to morph into the woman she’s supposed to be.

Why does she run away?

As her emotions spin out of control, she reaches a point where the turmoil she feels inside consumes her. It doesn’t even matter whether he loves her or not, whether he shows it to her or not. In fact, that deeper he feels for her, and the closer he pulls her to him, the harder she burns, and the stronger and darker her fear grows that one day she could lose him and with him her very own existence.
Running away is nothing more than self-preservation.

Why doesn’t he stops him when they meet for the last time?

Instinctively, she knows what has happened to him. She knows that she can stop him. She also knows that if she does, their road comes to an end. He has his own turmoil to deal with, and she is the key to unlocking the storm frozen inside him. She doesn’t know how bad things can get before they turn right but she is willing to take a chance. She finally has the power to push her fear back, face the dire consequences and help him come back.

What does she want?

She wants to love and feel loved. She wants to feel safe and in control of her emotions. She wants to experience the bliss of love without the permanent fear that if something goes wrong with the man she loves, her life would be in peril as well.

She’s never had a man in her life. Not close to her, anyway. She doesn’t know her father, or any other family for that matter, and the only love experience she’d had with a man before she met River turned out badly and didn’t teach her much.

How does he bring him to his knees?

As he’s waiting for her to become the woman he needs in his life, he also has to learn his own lessons. Although he arguably knows almost everything about life and women, there is something that he needs to discover about himself, something that has gotten lost once his life got swept away by power, fame, and success.



Why Erotic Romance? What inspires me and what makes my stories different.

Why Erotic Romance? What inspires me and what makes my stories different.