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Is River an arrogant man?

The short answer is no, but everybody’s definition is different. He’s a self-made millionaire, a successful rock singer, a handsome son of a bitch and a smart man. He has power, and he’s not afraid to use it.

He knows people, and he’s very protective when it comes to things that matter to him.
He’s seen every trick in the book when it comes to women, and he’s not a doormat nor does he slobber them.
Until he meets Layla, he chooses a certain kind of woman in purpose to keep himself unattached and his life heartache-free.

Is he mean and cold with Layla?

He tries to protect her more than anything else, and while this remains unbeknownst to her, and it can’t be drawn from the books written from her point of view, it’s thoroughly revealed in the books written from his point of view.  
From the moment he lays his eyes on her, he knows she might be the one for him, and wants to give her all he’s got, but he also knows he’s not in that place yet.

Is he cheating?

He meets other women before and after her, and the reasons are woven into the backstory.

Is he playing games with Layla?

He sets her up would be a better wording. He’s not playing with her for the sake of it. He can have her from the get-go, but he’s too smart and intuitive not to realize that she’s extremely vulnerable and fearful and in a way not impressed with his rock star status, so what normally makes women pursue him incessantly, would act to his detriment this time. So in a way, there’s a role reversal, and instead of getting her in his bed, he decides to make her pursue him and pull her to him, hoping that along the way she garners enough power and confidence to stick with him.

Who is River after all?

River is a sophisticated, deeply sexual, talented, extremely powerful man. He’s independent and a straight shooter. He makes his money early on and starts a career in the music business mostly for pleasure although he makes sure he’s using every opportunity to increase his wealth exponentially.

He grew up in rural Idaho, and despite living the rockstar life in posh hotel suites and his designer Hollywood Hill home, he’s still very much connected to his roots.
He was raised by a single mom and had an abusive father who had abandoned him and his mother when he was five.

Why is he so mysterious?

As a business person, he’s learned that the best way to conduct yourself is to keep your cards close to the vest. He’s a very private person, and although he does have a solid working relationship with his partner and producer Ron Welch, and he’s pretty much the boss in the band, he has very few people he trusts.
One of those people is his bodyguard Steve who is a well-grounded, loyal man and the other one is Thalia, his PA. At least up to a point.

How are his relationships with his bandmates?

He’s the lead singer, ‘the face of the enterprise’ as he puts it and also the one who along Ron Welch finances the band.
Besides River, all musicians in the band are hired. Ron’s money and connections as well as River’s wealth and reputation make Steel a very successful band but also give Ron and River unlimited power.
Although in his twenties himself, all his bandmates are younger than him. Lucas and Liam are barely twenty-one, while Jay is twenty-four.
He can’t see eye to eye with Jay due to an old story that involved a woman.

Is Ron his friend? Father figure?

His relationship with Ron is complicated. They are business partners, and they certainly have a lot in common when it comes to money. They both have great sway with the ladies, and although River does not agree with everything Ron does, he does recognize his power when it comes to women.
Ron is fascinated with River. Although they do share common traits, Ron sees in River a boldness and a fire that he finds fascinating. Often times he offers his unsolicited advice when it comes to River’s affairs.

Why is River so hard to tame?

River knows pretty much everything when it comes to women. He also has a very good understanding of who he is, what he wants and what kind of qualities would like to see in a woman he shares his life with.
He can’t be fooled into doing anything. He does whatever he pleases although most of the times he does have a moral compass.
He’s not the kind of man a woman tame, he’s rather someone who surrenders on his own, once he finds the woman that he wants.

What does he want?

He has pretty much everything he wants at a very early age. As time passes by, he begins to realize that he’d like a safe zone in his life in which he can be himself.
He’d also like to be able to let his guard down and be close to a woman. He craves real intimacy and hard to find loyalty, and he sees in Layla, the woman who can give that to him.

What’s his connection with Thalia?

He grows up with Thalia. Same age as Layla, Thalia is soon to be a college graduate who works as his PA. She has a crush on him when they’re teens way before she shares her romantic life with a woman.
As he begins to crave something else in his life, she finds an opportunity to find an answer to an old question related to him. Although she takes him by surprise, she also helps him to see clearly what is going on in his life.

Does he redeem himself?

Yes, he does.

Why New Adult Novels?

Why New Adult Novels?

Who is Layla?

Who is Layla?