A Rock Star Romance Series


When fate sets Layla Hensley, a young, shy photographer on a collision course with River Steel, the enigmatic, good looking, rock singer who’s amassed more money, fame, and fortune than anyone else at his age in the entertainment industry, she realizes a change is about to happen in her life.

Growing up with no men in her life, having her heart already broken by one, Layla lives like a hermit, shying away from anything and anyone who could hurt her.

Living the life of a Rock Star, River has everything a man could want. Women see him as a prize, but none of them can win his heart. When a shift begins in his life, he starts craving something money and fame can’t buy. Soon, he learns, finding it may be way harder than he thought.

When Layla and River lock eyes with each other for the first time, they realize they may have found what they were looking for. Hesitant at first, Layla attempts to talk herself out of him. Dealing with his own turmoil, and knowing that he could break her heart, River tries to stay away from her as well. But the chemistry between them and the passion coursing through their blood are simply too hard to resist.

Aware that he may only have one shot, River realizes few things have to happen. Layla has to come to him, and he has to keep everybody away from her. At the same time, Layla quickly grasps that she has to learn and grow fast if she wants to walk that path to him.

Sparks fly as they get closer and closer to each other, the journey they are about to experience, destined to change their lives.

River Steel is a story about love, finding the courage to pursue your heart and trusting that, in the end, things will turn all right.

River and Layla’s story spans over two books, River Steel STEEL SERIES #1)and Loving River (STEEL SERIES #2)

RIVER STEEL is a Rock Star, Erotic Romance. Intended for Mature Audiences only.


After bending her own rules and doing more firsts than she could remember, Layla has the chance to discover the real man behind the Rock Star image. Beginning to grasp the essence of River, she gets a glimpse of him beyond his moods, and the fire and ice routine.

Gradually shedding her insecurities, she learns, step by step, the dynamics of a passionate relationship. Soon, she realizes, it is far from easy. Lacking the real life experience of a strong, trust-based relationship with a man, she stumbles, and often pulls back, at the same time opening up to River more than ever before.

Having a deep understanding of her turmoil, River witnesses her struggle, knowing full well she has to crawl before she runs and she can only become a real woman if she wins the battle with herself. Powerless for the first time in his life, River is willing to wait, perfectly aware his heart is on the line.

In the light of his looming departure on a world tour, there’s only a small window of opportunity to spend time together and learn about each other. Extremely protective, and a strong believer in keeping things that matter to him private, River does everything in his power to have Layla only for himself, away from anything and anyone that could interfere.

Layla embraces the idea fully. Having one of the most chased men in the entertainment industry exclusively for herself makes her more comfortable with him. The nights and days spent in his arms awaken the sensual woman in her, their erotic journey mixed with deep emotions, quickly flaring into a full-fledged addiction.

Although time is not on their side, and they don’t have the answers to what future bears, they go ahead full throttle.
Soon, Layla starts to burn for him, and although she thinks she’s ready for him, the lurking fear and ugly insecurities make her play with his heart one more time, doing something River's always feared she’d do. Once his heart is broken, he falls hard.

Would she ever pull him back from that place of darkness? Would they ever be able to take that journey again, find the place that once belonged to them, turn the pile of ashes into love again?

LOVING RIVER (STEEL Series #2) is a Rock Star, Erotic Romance. Intended for mature audiences, only.


RIVER (Steel Series #3) is the companion book to RIVER STEEL (Steel Series #1). It is the SAME love story told from River’s point of view. Also, there are certain aspects specifics to River’s life and journey. Please note, it does include River’s encounters with other women in his life.

Money and fame can buy anything, right? For the most part, they do, but money can’t dictate what kind of women enter your life. For the longest time, women were not a problem for River Steel. They came with his money and fame. His good looks didn’t hurt either.

River has never had a shortage of women willing to abide by his conditions. He made sure the women left his bed satisfied but never gave them access to his heart.

In time he starts to crave a different kind of woman, one that is not only hard to find but also hard to keep. Finding that woman is not that easy. A relationship from his past still haunts him, and a surprise coming from a woman he’s known since they were children throws him for a loop.

Just as things start to spin out of control, fate brings to him the kind of woman he craves, yet soon he realizes she’s not ready for a relationship.
At twenty-two, Layla Hensley looks like a woman, but she’s not one yet. Not only that he can easily break her heart, but she could swiftly pull away from him.

He needs to get his head straight, have patience and bring her to him. He knows she has the power to break his heart, yet he also knows that she’s the one for him. He’s been waiting for her for a while, and he’s ready to take the risk and pay the price.

RIVER is a Rock Star, Erotic Romance. It is the companion book to River Steel (which is told from the heroine point of view). Intended for Mature Audiences only.