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What should a reader expect from a Shayne Ford book?

Q & A

What kind of genre do you write?

New Adult, Contemporary Romance intended for mature audiences only.

What prompted you to write?

Life, mainly. I’ve rediscovered the power of writing a few years back. I wrote for my own pleasure in the beginning, and then as the stories started to pile up, I realized I could publish them and make them available to other people as well.

Why do you say you’re a reader first?
I always read what the readers say about a book I like, and some of their comments are justified. That’s why I keep them in mind when I write.  As I dig deep into a story, I ask myself whether a particular paragraph or sentence or scene or behavior does anything for the story, plot, and ultimately the reader.
If it’s boring, annoying, cheesy, clunky or pretentious, it doesn’t make the cut.

Can you give examples of favorite themes/tropes?

Lust to love.Tormented heroine. Scarred hero. Older heroine/younger hero. Virgin heroine/Bad boy (and the other way around). Summer/Holiday Romance. Menage Romance. Action/adventure romance. Romantic Comedy. Rag to riches. Impossible love. Second chances. Escorts with hearts. Psychic Romance (I just made this up). Hate to love. Sexual awakening.

Are you going to publish more?

I work on several books right now. They are in different stages of completion. Few are being edited as we speak.

When would they be released?

They should be available within months, if not weeks.

How do you like your men?

Ripped and knowledgeable.

No, seriously now. What kind of heroes do you like to write?

Hot-blooded men with loving hearts and a wild streak. Men who know how to love. Younger (than the heroine) men, bad boys, alphas (not the moronic kind), billionaires, rock stars, escorts, lawmen, sweet men. They must be smart, adventurous, bigger than life, and capable of delivering one of a kind, full of passion romance. Also, have a sense of humor. Money doesn’t hurt either.

Are your stories conventional?

Some are, but most aren’t. They are typical love stories in the sense that they end with an HEA, but they’re told the way they want to be told, and sometimes that takes the plot into an unconventional realm. It’s more dynamic, and easier for me as a writer to follow the characters’ lead.

What kind of heroines do you like to write?

Smart, witty, courageous, adventurous. Sensitive with a lot of depth. Naughty. Not pretentious. Tough when they need to be tough, and warm when they love their men.

Do you write TSTL (to stupid to live) heroines?

I can’t relate to that kind of heroine. I don’t enjoy it as a reader either. I’m actually aggravated by that type of heroine. Therefore I’m not able to write her. Unless she’s the protagonist of a romantic comedy, or of a redemption story, she’s the unlikely heroine for me.
Do you explore more than just M/F romance?

Yes. Love is love. As long as emotions are involved, I’m game.

Do you include profanity?

If it fits, yes. I don’t discriminate against words.

Love triangles?

Yes, but not the real life cheating. To me, cheating is breaking the promise of trust. With this being said, trust and mutual commitment have to be asserted first. And sometimes time plays a factor too. Every love story has a arc even in real life, and some things come after a battle. I do not take loyalty for granted. Loyalty has to be earned one way or another, otherwise I have nothing to write about. My stories portray the journey of two (or sometimes more) people who strive to reach that point of exclusivity so they can build that trust.

From a writer's point of view, I like turmoil. I love characters ( and real people alike) who fall and redeem themselves. There has to be a justification for an indiscretion, a complicated relationship and hopefully it fits the narrative.

I enjoy reading and writing the love between more than two people, provided irresistible attraction, chemistry, honesty and deep emotions are involved. It can be spiced up with secrets as long as in the end it leads to a good place. It’s a fascinating theme to explore. I love a good menage romance. Gasp.

Multiple encounters?

See above.

Do all your stories have an HEA?

Yes. It rarely happens in life, so why not in the books.
What kind of books do you like to read?

Smart, humorous, sexy books.

Do you write series?

Most of my stories include more than one volume. I’d say yes.

What is the targeted audience?

The New Adult Romance crowd, just because most characters are between eighteen and thirty years old. However, the books are a good fit for anyone who enjoys a hot romance. They are intended for the mature audience only.

I’m a man. Do you think your stories are interesting enough for me?

I do. In fact, I always write with the male readers in mind. I include the male POV whenever possible, and I strive to write it with the male psyche in mind. I adore men. And although I do understand why they stay away from romance, I sincerely hope they’ll find my books on their taste.

What inspires me and what makes my stories different.