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What inspires me and what makes my stories different.

I started to write for myself a couple of years back. As a reader, I often felt something was missing in the books I read. I think It’s natural to feel that way. We are unique after all, and so is our taste, and that’s the beauty of it.

Writing books helped me escape reality. Nothing unusual, so far. The first story came to me a few years back. And then another one and another one, and by the time I actually began to give them life, they were already filling my head, and in a way, I was bound to write them and share them with other people, hoping that they’d fulfill tastes similar to mine.

What inspires you?

Everything inspires me.

My books are loosely based on my own life. Wink. I’m kidding. I wish, though. Seriously, now, it’s mostly my wild imagination, but there are bits and pieces of real life in them. Some of it is my life and the way I feel. Some of it comes from people I met or didn’t have the chance to meet, or I missed or lost or... you get the idea.

There’s regret captured in my writing (not overt, I like to believe) coming from wisdom, of course, which doesn’t serve much in the end but hopefully can help other people.
If you look around, there's a hidden life of emotions, expressions, words, and thoughts, that permeates what we see and hear every day. If you care to sense it and listen to it, that invisible world is a great source of inspiration.

Why Erotic Romance?

The physical expression of love is one of the most satisfying experiences in life, in my opinion, and for me, as a writer, it’s the ultimate intellectual journey. There is no better way to explore the human psyche than artistically diving inside one of the most profound, intimate connections.

What makes your books different?

I’m a firm believer in writing a complete, captivating story, in which emotions and lust, dark and light, and perhaps even some philosophical take on life, are all woven into the fabric of the plot.

There’s no either this or that. Also, occasionally there may be a bit of unconventional and even a hint of darkness. I think that’s what makes my stories different.
I write my books the way the stories demand to be written, at the same time making them as entertaining as possible.

What do you strive for when you write a book?

To hook the reader. Give them something to think about. Inspire them to find the power within, and live a full, satisfying life.

How do you define your writing style?

I aim for the elusive perfection but that's a tall order for most of us. As I said before, I write what I like to read. To me a story has to be captivating and it has to flow. I love words and the power hey hold over us. I like poetic words as well, and I use them whenever the book begs for them, but I also like conciseness, so hopefully my writing style reflect that.

What do you avoid in your writing?

I love cheese, but never in my books, and although I do occasionally wear something purple, I don't like it in my prose.



Why New Adult Novels?

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